Looking for Growth⚡️or Validate a MVP ?

Market Fit Validation for features, products or ideas with Agile Sales & Growth test

Value Prop design & copy

Get in a few days a workable version of the key hypothesis to test the value for each problem and buyer , with a logo and a landing site like this one

Early Adopter community Launch

ProductHunt Launch Package ; Get a hunter, targeted supporters, Design copy & marketing materials for promotion (screenshots & gifs). Optional platforms ; Quora, Slack,FB etc..

Targeted Outreach

Define Interest Signals, Lead Sources and Build Lists for each buyer persona, key influencers , competitor users and other stakeholders

Onboarding Messaging & Chat bots

Systems to communicate and upgrade early adopters.Video guides- drip onboarding sequences- Messenger & Intercom Bots

Content Tracking & Analytics

Content tracking system to Identify and personalise web & app visitor messages & actions with Intercom. Optional -systems to track user actions & events at other platforms

Sales team Acceleration

AD HOC sales process playbook designs with coaching , blueprints and tools to Get Sales Done

Start a Fire with your Early Community

Virality as a Service

Refer a friend tools for users-employees ambassadors to tap into their social networks- white label inside your product or web

Screenshot of small App

Tap into Other People´s Network

Tap into 1 B+ user bases with Chrome extensions & Gmail addons

Screenshot of small App

Build peer sharing communities

Enable users to share personalised content matched to their networks by an AI assistant

Screenshot of small App

Hack packs to Launch your Growth Engine